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Boyd Participates in EducTion Expert Round Up

MVSU Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Alfred E. Boyd recently participated in an expert round-up organized by e Edvocate to discuss the future of education in America. Launched in 2014, e Edvocate is a news website and blog devoted to advocating for education equity, reform, and innovation. It was created by Matthew Lynch, a former K-12 social studies and special education teacher who now researches policy and education reform. In a recent article, Lynch asked 106 education experts from across the nation, including Boyd, to address the question, “What is the future of K-12 education?” In his response, Boyd argued that students of the future will advance at a much faster rate. “ e future of education in America is accelerated,” Boyd shared. By the time that students in the future have completed ninth grade, they will have completed most of their major high school coursework, which will allow high school students to choose a diploma track, i.e., STEM, vocational, or postsecondary, with a 12th-grade apprenticeship.” Boyd noted that the faster pace will have a big impact on America’s workforce. “ e majority of high school curriculum will be based on diploma track that the students have chosen, thereby, giving the USA a pool of workers who are ready, willing, and trained to work,” he said. Prior to joining MVSU, Boyd served as an elementary and high school teacher, literacy coach, and department chair in the Jackson Public School District. He is the owner of Boyd Education Solution & Technology and creator of the Engagucate Platform®, a learning-embedded, game-based e-learning app. Boyd is also writer, speaker, trainer and thought leader on educational technology and learning. His current research interests focus on the e ects of poverty on young children, and education children in the digital age. Read Boyd’s full response and check out what educators had to say at tag/the-future-of-education.


February 8, 2018

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